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The Slab


We’re a locally owned meat shop serving our hometown of Maricopa, AZ, and customers throughout the surrounding communities.

We focus on offering the highest quality meats fresh to our customers from ethical and ecologically sound farms. We take pride in selling many selections of hormone and antibiotic-free meats so you can be confident the cuts you eat are lean, healthy, and delicious.


Your One-Stop Shop for Meat

At The Slab, you’ll find many popular cuts of beef, pork, game meats, and chicken, plus some hard-to-find and unique selections including picanha roasts and steaks, American Wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork, house-made sausages, and more. 

the slab ribeye

Our Purveyors

We hand select each purveyor, whether it’s an American Wagyu (Snake River Farms), our 100% grass-fed beef supplier (Grass-Run-Farms) or our unique and locally sourced salts and sauces, we work hard to find the best, and make them available to you.


Grass Run Farms is 100% grass fed and finished beef that is born, pasture raised†, and harvested in the USA. Grass Run Farms cattle never receive grain, animal by-products, antibiotics, or added hormones.

Snake River Farms

Snake River is renowned for their world-class Wagyu bred cattle that achieve the highest level of quality and excellence. Today, they produce some of the country’s finest meat, noted for its deep flavor and sublime marbling.

Cedar River Farms

Producing natural, sustainable beef is a primary focus of Cedar River Farms. They achieve this by feeding their animals forage and high-energy grain processed at their own facilities so their cattle yields consistently flavorful, tender beef.


1855 Black Angus cattle are raised in the Great Plains region of the United States, which provides rich grains for the cattle and results in a highly marbled beef. Their Black Angus steaks provides buttery, juicy flavors and is remarkably tender for a memorable eating experience.

Prairie Fresh

As a premier American-owned pork producer, Prairie Fresh Farms strives to leave their land exactly as they found it. They are committed to sustainable practice on their farmlands and in their plants. They believe it is their moral obligation to create a healthy, comfortable environment for each and every one of their pigs, and it shows in the quality of every cut.

Mountaire Farms

Mountainaire is an American success story that begins with its founding in 1914 and continues today with the founder’s grandson serving as chairman. They believe that the health of humans, animals and the environment are inseparable. Thus they are committed to the health and welfare of their birds, and ultimately, to all consumers of their meat.